Within the past year, Headway created three Action Teams to address concerns in Newaygo County. Each action team works on a different drug priority and boy, have they been busy!

BreatheWell Engages Students to KickButts

KickButts Day is a national day to encourage youth to stand up against Big Tobacco. BreatheWell chose to engage Newaygo County Youth to raise awareness about the dangers of using tobacco and to encourage their peers to pledge not to start. Students from White Cloud High School, Hesperia High School and the Career Tech Center hosted activities for their peers.

Medication Disposal Boxes Have Collected a ZEBRA!

Headway’s Prescription Drug Action Team has been working hard to increase awareness of the various medication disposal boxes throughout the county. Over the past six months, the boxes have collected enough pounds to equal a GREVY’S ZEBRA (or, 855 pounds)!

For locations of the boxes, please click here.


Alcohol Action Team Re-Groups

The alcohol action team developed a course of action for the coming year, but there is limited excitement surrounding the plan. To gain more excitement, the Alcohol Action Team is planning a re-focus meeting on Friday, April 28th from 9-10:30 am at RCASCA #118 (former Providence Christian High School). No RSVP is required and breakfast snacks and refreshments will be provided. We look forward to seeing you then!