Each quarter, Headway members nominate a Coalition member who has gone above and beyond to promote the mission and work of the coalition. This quarter, the coalition selected Sally Wagoner.

Sally currently serves as the BreatheWell Action Team Chair and is quick to take on new projects to reduce nicotine use in Newaygo County.

Get to Know Sally!

What is your day job?

I am an RN at Spectrum Health Gerber’s Community Health & Wellness Department. I do community health screenings, outreach and health education. I facilitate our Stroke, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Support Groups for patients, families and caregivers of those diseases. I also provide tobacco cessation counseling, classes and community education as a Tobacco Treatment Specialist. In addition I am now working with our youth in the schools to educate and empower them to make healthy choices with regards to nutrition, physical activity and saying no to tobacco and nicotine products through the CATCH programs.

What role do you serve on the Headway Coalition?

I coordinate the Breathewell Newaygo County Workgroup. I also am on the Prescription Drug Abuse Workgroup.

What interested you in being on the Coalition?

I knew that to do my job as a Tobacco Treatment Specialist, that it would take a lot of outreach to the community. I also knew that I could not do that myself, and that one of Headway’s focus was nicotine reduction. I love the collaborative work and creative ideas that is stellar of the Headway Coalition members. There are so many great people doing heartfelt work for the community, that wanting to help to make a difference is contagious.

Just for Fun!

What is the most important thing to you outside of work?

I work within my home, with individuals and I support organizations that bring awareness and action for environmental health and sustainability. I learn as much as I can from our oldest continuing indigenous communities of people who still have a knowledge and commitment to re-learn how we can create as much of a balance between what we take from the earth as a human species, and what we can give back. So far we haven’t been doing a great job – thus the re-learning part.

You’re happiest when . . .

I am outside communing with the plants, animals, waters and weather. That, and laughing with my husband….he makes me laugh a lot!