Jenn Witteveen currently serves as Chair-Elect and has been an active member of the coalition for about 3 years. She brings an excellent perspective from the field and is quick to volunteer her innovative ideas. We are thankful for her support and participation. 

Get to Know Jenn!

  • What is  your day job?

I am currently employed at Newaygo County Mental Health. I have worked at NCMH for about 3 years as a member of the youth team. My title/role on the youth team is a youth clinician& Infant Mental Health specialist. This is my 8am-5pm “day job” Monday through Friday. I am also a member of the emergency services team at NCMH. This could be considered my “night time job”.

  • What role do you serve in on the Headway Coalition?

I am currently the Chair-Elect, a member of the executive council, a member in general coalition activities, participated in the creation of the Newaygo County Crisis Response Plan,  and a member of the Alcohol Action Group (sub group of the coalition).

  • What interested you in being involved with the coalition?

The best asset to the coalition is the ability (both by agencies and individuals) to meet and put collective ideas together and work on ways to better address concerns about suicide/suicide attempts, substance abuse, and recovery.

I believe that prevention is a much more effective strategy verses intervention after a habit has been formed. I am very blessed to be employed by an agency that encourages participation in the coalition and embraces the efforts made to provide awareness and strategies to reduce/eliminate suicide and substance use in Newaygo County.

As a mental health clinician, I am very passionate about suicide prevention and positive coping skills verses substance use/ abuse. I initially became involved with the coalition to help provide awareness of the suicide and substance use concerns that are very real in this county. I enjoy collaborating with other members of the coalition and community members to best identify ways to be effective.

Just for Fun!


  • What is the most important thing to you outside of work?

I have many things that are important to me outside of work.  Being a wife and mother is the most important to me (at work and outside of work)!  I also love farming. Our family has a farm with beef cattle and pigs. Our family also has a logging business and I am a beef 4H leader.

  • You’re happiest when…

When I am on the farm with my family working with our animals.  I love being outside and working on the farm or anywhere with my family!