Over the past couple of months, the Headway Action Teams have been working hard!

Prescription Drug Action Team

The Prescription Drug Action Team has partnered with Funeral Homes to give medication disposal informational cards to each family they work with. These cards explain the purpose of the medication disposal boxes and highlight the locations. Additionally, the action team is working to expand drop boxes within the pharmacies in Newaygo County.

BreatheWell Nicotine Reduction Coalition

An exciting bill was introduced at the state level – Tobacco 21! This bill would make it illegal for individuals under 21 to purchase any nicotine product, which has been shown to reduce the amount of youth who use nicotine products. The coalition will be following this bill over the next couple months and update the group on progress.

Mental Health Action Team

The Mental Health Action Team was called together in May to address growing concerns of mental health in Newaygo County. The group has prioritized increasing education to help people understand the signs and symptoms of a mental health concern and developing a resource guide for professionals to use when referring someone to services. Interested in joining the efforts? Join us at our next meeting on July 27th at 9am at RCASCA!